Santa and Mrs Santa outfits for Gnobbit.
Santa pants, jacket, hat, hair, beard, cloak and boots.
Mrs. Santa blouse, hair, cap, apron and glasses.
Skin mats for both and mats for the Gnomy brows and skirt
included in Gnomy Gnobbit (on this page).
There is an armchair too, so they can have a good rest after Christmas.
The sack and presents are from "Christmas Post" on the Props page.

Santa Gnobbit

Witch outfit for Gnobbit.
Top, shoes, belt, hat and broom with three sets of mat poses
for these and the skirt and cloak from Gnomy Gnobbit (below).

Witchy Gnobbit

Gnomy male and female outfits for Gnobbit.
The male outfit has pants, shirt, waistcoat, shoes, cloak, eyebrows
and the Gnobbit hair with new morphs. You will need RTEncoder for the hair.
The female outfit has blouse, apron and skirt (and the shoes, in case you just want this outfit).
Four sets of mat poses each and hair, eye and brow mats.

Gnomy Gnobbit

Mrs Gnomy Gnobbit

Superlative Mouse outfit for 3DUniverse Toon Mouse.
Tshirt, pants, cape and mask.
Three sets of mat poses.

Superlative Mouse

Pretty Baby Textures for "Cool Baby" for Toon Baby by Esha.

Pretty Baby

Father Christmas for Hein.

Tunic, robe, belt, boots and hat. Use the hat with the "hood down" robe morph.
Four sets of textures
Father Christmas

Stylish Jacket for Ichiro 2.
Just the combined jacket, vest, shirt, tie, watch chain and tiepin.
The pants and shoes are Mixies by Lady Littlefox.
Stylish Jacket

Heff's Trunk and Hat.
Two sets of outfits for Heff. Set 1 is shorts, jumper, sleeve frills and trunk
with tuskpaste and brush. Set 2 is coat, hat, pants, hatstand and umbrella.
Mats for Heff are included.
Heff's Trunk
Heff's Hat

Sneakers for Hein. More "adult" colours added.
Hein Sneakers

Witch outfit for Hein. This is the 50s dress remade for Hein.
Dress, apron, belt, witch hat and shoes.

Hein Witch

Cuddly Easter Bunny for Toon Baby.
Suit, hood with morphs, shoes, nose and whiskers with morphs.
Tights for TB. There are png overlays of these for DS users.
Includes a "No Ears" morph for TB's head.
Five texture sets and DS mats. Render with displacement for fur.

Easter Bunny

Leggings for Mavka. With feet and without. Pixie toe and Minwee morphs
Three white textures to colour and five colours.

Mavka Leggings

Karth has made some gorgeous knitted textures for the leggings.
You can download them from here
Karth Leggings Textures

A Fairytale Princess top, skirt and sleeves for Natu.
Four sets of textures.

Natu Princess

Christmas textures for the Fairytale animals from DAZ.

Fairytale Christmas

Pantsuit and blouse for Mavka.
Five sets of textures. With very kind permission from Capsces,
these have all the MinWee morphs.
The High Heels with loads of colours are at
KCTC Freebies

Mavka Pantsuit

Boots, Stockings and an open Parasol for Vila
to put the final touches on her Victorian Outfit.
The boots have socks, and a pose to hide them.

Vila Victorian Boots


A Victorian outfit as requested for Vila.
Dress, separate collar, apron, two hats, bag and parasol.
Four sets of textures. It is possible to "sit" the dress with the handles.

Vila Victorian

Ballgown 2 for Mavka. Uses the same poses to make it shorter (but the ballgown itself
will NOT take Ballgown 1 textures and vice versa)
Bodice, new belt, bustle and bows. Lots of new textures.
Also has textures for the new accessories to match Ballgown 1.
Belt textures will work with either belt. The beautiful character is

Mavka Ballgown 2

Ballgown 1 for Mavka, with several material zones and poses to make it shorter,
overskirts and sleeves, with "faerie" transparencies, a belt, waist frill
and crown with a morph to make it more toony. Five sets of textures.

Mavka Ballgown 1

A Vamp outfit for Vila. The Boas are NOT INCLUDED but the one on the left is free from
A dress, sleeves, evening bag, tiara, necklace, bracelets, earrings (and for human ears)
and a long cigarette holder.
The Extra-High Heels will take all the textures from the High Heels (from KCTC).
Matching textures for the Sandals from Vila's Villa at
KCTC Freebies
and nail colours, which show upon rendering.

Vila Vamp

The Faerie outfit refitted to Toon Baby. There are Faerie pants to match.

TB Faerie

A blouse and skirt for Vila, with six textures for each. The skirt morphs to a ballgown skirt.
Use the "fit over pants" morph for the blouse and the "fit under blouse" morph for the skirt.

Vila Blouse

Vila Skirt

A biker outfit for Vila.
Pants, top, jacket, cap, boots, cigarette and lots of clunky jewellery,
including earrings and a stud for human ears.
Three sets of textures for all and a few more for the top.
The high-heels in the picture are from
KCTC Freebies

Vila Biker

Piggy Perfect for The Three Little Pigs.
Now Piggy can go to the ball. Lipstick, eyeshadow and nailpolish.
Lipstick will only appear when rendered.

Piggy Perfect

Piggy Dressed Up for the Piggy Dress
A Petticoat, Clover and Pearl jewellery and of course, Silk Purses.
Textures for the dress and petticoat. "Gem" textures will change
any of the gems including those on the silk purses and "Ring"
textures change the earrings or tail ring.
Needs RTEncoder - free from
on the Downloads page.

Piggy Dressed Up

Piggy Dress for the 3 Little Pigs. A request - finally got around to it!
Separate sash, hair bow props and lots of textures. ("Bacon" doll not included!)
Needs RTEncoder - free from
on the Downloads page. Or RTEncoder2

Piggy Dress for RTEncoder

Piggy Dress for RTEncoder2

Baby-In-The-Box for Toon Baby.
A box and morphing spring to be used with Toon Baby, or any figure which will fit in the box.
Includes Angel and Clown outfits based on the
Dainty Dress by Pokeydots


Halloween dressup for Toon Baby. A devil, ghost, witch and black cat.
Also has a broom for the witch and pitchfork for the devil. You will need the
Dainty Dress by Pokeydots
and the
Slippers from the Shepherd set by Xantor.


Loik elf. Hat, bag, collar, treasure sack and acorn, bell and bobble trims.
Includes secondskins for two elves with waistcoats, two with suits and two
Christmas elves.
Also a Toadstool with three textures. The lovely wooden train is by MysticNights.


Requested - the ballet outfit with wings and wand refitted for Loik. Different colours. Can be used on Loki, too.
The wings will only fit if Loik and Loki are at 100% AND ZEROED.
You can resize Loik and Loki afterwards.
The wings need to be parented to Loik or Loki's chest.


A ballet outfit with wings and wand for Bong.


An artist outfit, easel, paintbrush and palette for Toon Baby. Includes a blank canvas and three pictures.
All the parts of the outfit are from
KCTC Freebies (see the readme for what is needed).


Smart Suit textures for the 3 Little Pigs. This is a LARGE download - lots of textures!

Includes a watchchain and bow tie props, for elegant porcine evening wear.
(The textures apply to all the pants and ties but only to waistcoat one)


Fresh colours for the Bib Overalls for the Ball-Jointed Doll.


Pauper for the Fairytale Giant.

Four texture sets for the Fairytale Giant for The Freak. The weapon is from Gothic Weapons - free at RDNA.

Prince for the Fairytale Giant.

Four texture sets for the Fairytale Giant for The Freak. Also needs the free crown from RDNA.
(You will need to fit the crown yourself - x rot 9, y tran 0.26, z tran - 0.25, scale 94 and x scale 96 worked for me!)

Dressed Up for the Three Bears.

Three sets of textures in the file

Apres Snowboard for Pygmy.

Two textures for Pygmy and four sets of Mats for Snowboard Kit for Pygmy - two for on the slopes and two for afterwards. Snowboards mats for all sets.

Wedding textures for Cheeky and Daisy Plushies. Includes textures for the Plushie Dress and wedding props.

The first file is all the wedding and honeymoon mats for Cheeky.

The second file is all the wedding and honeymoon mats for Daisy.

The third file is the wedding dress mats.

The fourth file is the props - a top hat, bouquet, wedding hat, flower wreath, buttonhole and rosebud.

The fifth file is all the files in one download.

What the well-dressed Big Bad Wolf is wearing.

Four textures in the file

Holiday Elf - Four Christmas sets for Christmas Elf for Pygmy including, for the Elf who has everything - Bling! The Christmas Tree is from "Sammy the Elf" for Sadie and is not included.

The first file contains Berry and Bling textures.

The second file contains Holly and Ornaments textures.

Jolly Elf - four less seasonal texture sets for Christmas Elf for Pygmy. There are also hair, eye, brow and eyelash colours. The hammer is from Christmas Elf. The props are not included.

The first file contains the hair etc. colours.

The second file contains the clothes textures.

Old and New - four textures for Zip Speedy

Part 1 - The New Textures

Part 2 - The Old Textures

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