Remembered for some of the Forgotten Places by Applejack at Renderosity.
For Forgotten Places 1. Includes morphing curtains and mats.
For Forgotten Places 4. Includes mats
For Forgotten Places 7. Includes Pedestals, Mirrors, Vases, Door ornaments and mats.
No flowers included.
For Forgotten Places 8. Includes morphing curtains, tiebacks, small and large candelabra with lights and mats.

Mat files to show Forgotten Places 1, 4, 7 and 8 as they might have been.

Remembered 1 Download

Remembered 4

Remembered 7

Remembered 8

A morphing base with toadstools, grass, pond, throne and steps props. There are several sets of mats for each
and ready-made figures.
Toadstool Base

Mats and props to turn
Sweetshop - Milles Delices
and Barber Shop addon into Santa's Shop, with or without snow.
Includes an opening Christmas Box and Sweet Jar.
Background not included.
Santa's Shop Download

Tennis Court. Ready-made figure or court figure, net and posts conforming props.
Tennis Court

Enchanted Towers. Remade, with an opening door and three textures;
Dark, Light and Fairy and a weathervane.
Lots of different angles - blank, large window for abducted Princesses etc.
Enchanted Towers

A request - some "masculine" textures for Old England Room by 3dpmr at Renderosity.
Four textures - couldn't resist including a fairytale texture.

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