Scampie shall go to the ball! A party dress, princess dress, tiara, sash
and apron. Lots and lots of textures!

Scampie Party Princess 1

Scampie Party Princess 2

Hoodie and pants for Pranx and Trixie. The hood conforms.
Poses are better with the hood if Scampie's head is moved, rather than neck.
Lots of morphs and textures.
Scampie Hoodie

The sneakers are at
KCTC Freebies in the Scampixie Pranx section

Now Pranx and Trixie can go skiing! Jacket, skis, ski poles and boots with two sets of textures.
The pants are second-skin textures for Pranx or Trixie.
The Caddis Cap and Knitted Gloves are free for Pranx owners, from Elleque's Site

Scampie Ski

Textures for the adorable
Black Cat by Elleque.
Includes a collar and bell for
Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat).

In The Dark

Riding outfit for Pranx. Long skirt, blouse, cravat, rose decorations and riding crop.
You will need
Dancer from Pam-Shop for the Jacket and Hat.
Riding Outfit

Dungarees. Fits over the Tshirts (see below).
Now Scampie can do the chores.
Scampie Dungarees

Shorts and a Frilly Top. Lots of colours - mix and match.
Also has two extra belt textures.
Shorts and Top

Three colours for Elleque's beautiful Liberty Flora outfit from
The new dainty boots are below.
Cotton Print

Pretty boots with textures to match the Liberty Flora outfit.
Pretty Boots

A new version of the Pretty Boots, with slouchy socks. The original textures will work with these and there are lots
of new ones, too.
Pretty Boots 2

By request - stronger colours for Spring Shoes.
Summer Hues

A snuggly bodysuit suggested by Sade - thank you!
The hood is a separate prop, so I can replace it with other things later!
There are fluffy versions (render with displacement) and smooth versions with zips.
The bows and the laces are both figures, so can be used or not. Lots of textures. Boots and Mittens to match.
Sleepy Scampie

Mittens and Boots

Part two of Sleepy Scampie - the Dressing Gown.
Has textures to match the nightdress and an optional button fastening prop.
The Dressing Gown is extra-long for effect, but can be shortened using the transmap.
All textures but the white one do shorten the gown.
Sleepy Scampie

A Nightdress (or evening dress) and 3 Slippers for Pranx
Suggested by Jan-scrapper - thank you!
Bunny slippers, Slippers with a bow and without.
The nightdress has four textures and the slippers have lots,
including textures to match the Easter Bunny outfit.
Render with displacement for furry slippers.

Sleepy Scampie

The Easter Bunny outfit reminded me of an old-fashioned swimsuit, so here it is with new textures which also hide the bunny ears and tail, and a matching swim ring.
Scampie Swimwear

This is an Easter Bunny outfit for Pranx, with a Bunny Hat,
Easter Basket with eggs and a single Egg prop.
Includes four sets of textures, poses for Pranx to hold the basket
and hide Pranx's ears if you wish. Also includes eight egg textures.
Scampie Easter

Conforming shoes figures for Pranx.
Includes six Spring textures.
Scampie Shoes

Two Spring skirts for Pranx - straight and A-line.
Spring textures for the Balloon Suit, Minicoat, Jeans, Tshirts and Skirts.
A large download - you will need both parts. (Not all textures shown.)
Scampie Spring Part One

Scampie Spring Part Two

Some conforming sandals figures for Pranx.
Includes everyday textures for the Bermuda shorts and dress
from Scampie Fairie 2 (on this page)
and lots of textures for the new sandals.
Scampie Sandals

New textures for Elleque's amazing "Pedantic Kid" at
Includes a Top Hat and St Patrick's Day textures for the clothes
and hat to turn Pranx into a Leprechaun.

Part Two of the faerie outfit - a long dress, with material zones so it can go from a long dress to a very short top.
Includes Bermuda shorts, wings, sleeves and flowers for Pranx's hair and feet. Five texture sets.
Scampie Faerie

The faerie outfit for Maddie refitted to Pranx, with a new Faerie cap and Cookie's Faerie Wand parented to Pranx.
There are textures for all of these and the elf shoes which come with Pranx.
Scampie Faerie

Bling! textures for Headkase's new Bossy Boots and Sensible Shoes with fits for Pranx.
The textures will work with ANY version of the Boots and Shoes.
Also for the Bootcut jeans and three Tshirts for Pranx from this page.
Seven over-the-top texture sets.

Blingy Boots

Bootcut jeans and three Tshirts for Pranx - Tshirt, cutoff T and sleeveless T.
The jeans work with Headkase's Sensible Shoes and Bossy Boots.
Lots of textures.

Scampie Jeans

Scampie Tshirts

Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day textures for the Balloon Suit, Clown Cap and Elf Shoes.
Also for the Circus stand and Hoop and the Shawm.

Celebrate! Part One

More textures for Headkase's Sensible Shoes refitted to Pranx. These match the Snuggly coat textures on this page.

Snuggly Shoes

Textures for Headkase's Sensible Shoes refitted to Pranx. These match the original Minicoat textures which are part of the Pranx package.

New Shoes

Snuggly coat textures for Pranx's minicoat and boa boots. Render with displacement
for the snuggliest effect.

Snuggly Coats

Two Valentine card props for Pranx. One traditional, one more modern.
Also, a red-on-white heart texture for the Balloon suit, cap and elf shoes.
Includes the "kissing" poses.

Pranx Valentine

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