Sleepy Suit for K4. Suit, hood, mitts, boots, laces, hood fur and suit fur.
This also has a Halloween version, with props and face and eye mats.

Sleepy Suit Part One Download

Sleepy Suit Part Two

Skating dress and boots for K4. Four sets of textures.

Skating Kids

Nightdress with six mat poses.

Kid's Nightdress

Dressing up for the Kids. Necklace, two hats, bracelet,
earrings and over-sized shoes.
This was a prize in a DAZ contest some months ago.

Just Like Mommy

A party princess outfit for the Kids. Princess dress, party dress, sash,
apron, crown and lots of textures. Large files.

K4 Party Princess Part 1

K4 Party Princess Part 2

Shoes to match the School Uniform and Ballet Dress (see below.)
Ballet Shoes, School Shoes, Flat Shoes and Bunny Slippers.
Lots of colours and poses to hide the bunny and bow.
The School Shoes have morphs to fit over most socks.

Shoes and Slippers.

An English School Uniform for K4. Gymslip, shirt (can also be used for the K4 boy)
tie. hat and belt. The gymslip turns into a ballet dress with overskirt and frilly sleeves.
Two colour sets for the uniform and three for the Ballet Dress.

School Uniform.

An Elf oufit based on Regency Boy. Has boots and an Elf hat.
Three sets of textures.

Elf Kids.

Faerie Outfit fitted to the Kids 4. All the original textures.
DOES NOT INCLUDE THE WINGS which are by Fabiana - a wonderful freebie from

Faerie Kids.

Frilly Boots. The Pretty Boots remodelled for the Kids 4. Lots of textures. Render the socks with displacement for a furry effect.

Frilly Boots.

Frilly Coat with separate cape, hat and muff.
Has morphs to make the skirt longer/wider and poses to hide collar trim, collar, cuffs and bow.
Four sets of textures for all and four furry mats for the muff. Render with displacement
for a furry effect on anything.

Frilly Coat.

Frilly Dress with separate sash, bow and collar.
Has morphs to make the skirt longer and wider and a pose to make short sleeves.
Six sets of textures for all and the shoes and socks from "Regency Girl".

Frilly Dress.

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