A trenchcoat for Chip - a request. Includes a fedora hat, spyglass and mats.
Chip Trenchcoat Download

Addons for the trenchcoat for Chip. Two shirts, two ties, shoes,
pants and lots of mats.
Chip Trenchcoat Addon Download

A basket for Cookie Shepherdess available at HiveWire.
Mats to match.
Shown with roses from the Rococo Add-0n also at HiveWire
Cookie Shepherdess Basket Download

Skiing outfits for Cookie and Chip. Jackets, boots, scarves, beanie, long beanie,
flap hat and bobble, mask, skis and ski poles. Four sets of mat poses.
Cookie and Chip Ski 1 Download
Cookie and Chip Ski 2 Download
Cookie and Chip Ski 3 Download

Pirate outfit for Chip. Two jackets, shirt, mock waistcoat, belt, cravat, tiepin,
pants, tricorne hat and boots.
Buccaneer outfit for Cookie. Shirt, belt, pants, long boots and tricorne hat.

Pirate props for Cookie and Chip. Flintlock pistol, cutlass, tricorne hat, peglegs, hooks and shovel.
Hair, moustache and beard for Chip. Hair for Cookie. Mat poses for all and Hand poses.

Chip Pirate Download
Cookie Buccaneer Download
Pirate Addons Download

Party Dress and Party Princess for Cookie now has a jacket and muff,
so she can go to all those Christmas gatherings.
Includes Mary Janes.
Lots and lots of mat poses, including new Christmas ones.

Cookie Party Princess Part 1 Download
Cookie Party Princess Part 2 Download
Cookie Party Princess Part 3 Download
Cookie Party Princess Part 4 Download
Cookie Party Princess Jacket and Muff Download

A nightdress for Cookie with six mat poses.

Cookie Nightdress

Another jacket for Cookie, in two versions, with furry collar.One version has full-length sleeves, one "pushed up" sleeves.
Lots of colours for both. Render with displacement for the fur.

Casual Jacket

A useful little jacket for Cookie, with a furry texture. Render with displacement for the fur.

Evening Jacket

Amaranth very generously gave me permission to make a conforming version of the dress from her Fleur Noir outfit for Cookie
and to post the original outfit here, too.

Conforming Fleur Noir

Original Fleur Noir by Amamranth

Chip shall go to the Ball!
Pants, shoes with socks and tuxedo including waistcoat, shirt, stock and watch chain. .
Four sets of textures for all.

Chip Tuxedo

Swooping into your runtime. COUNT CHIPULA!
Cloak, pants, shirt, waistcoat, stock, medallion, ring, tiepin, hair, fangs and boots.
A mat pose for Chip, too. Several textures for all, Chip Dough morphs and DS mats.

Count Chipula

A smart outfit which goes with the Vanity Case on the Props page.
Dress, jacket, high heels, pillbox hat, bracelet, necklace and suitcase.
Five sets of mats, including one to match the Vanity Case.

Smart Cookie

This is a collaboration between France, RCT-Spanky and me!
All you need to make a Statue for the 4th of July.
You will need Cookie Princess from this page.
Includes over robe, crown, book, torch, back and front hair and stand.
Character files to load the whole figure and stand. This will work in Poser or DS.

Cookie Liberty

Gumdrops Academics refitted for Cookie and Chip. Gowns, hood and mortar board.
Shirt, pants, shoes and tie for Chip.
Part Two has new Robes for Cookie and Chip, with Wizard shoes, hat and wands.
There are mat poses for the robes to make a skirt and blouse for Cookie.
Textures for all and DS mats. YOU WILL NEED BOTH PARTS.

The wig, board and other addons are at
KCTC Freebies.

Cookie and Chip Academics Part One

Cookie and Chip Academics Part Two

Tennis outfits for Cookie and Chip. Shorts, top and shoes for Chip,
Skirt, top and shoes for Cookie. Five sets of textures for each.
Racquet and tennis ball included. Has DS mats.

Cookie and Chip Tennis

Cloaks and collar props for Cookie and Chip. Lots of morphs and textures.
None of the other clothes or props are included.

Cookie and Chip Cloaks

Leggings for Cookie. There are leggings with feet ("pixie toe" and "wrinkled toe" morphs)
and leggings without feet ("wider ankles" morph). Now has morphs for Cookie Dough.
Three white textures, so you can colour them easily and five patterned textures.

Cookie Leggings

Santa and Mrs.Claus outfits for Chip and Cookie.
Mrs.Claus dress and shoes will unzip to the original folders - Cookie and Chip Pilgrims,
and Cookie Witch.

Chip Santa

Cookie Claus

There are some more beautiful Christmas textures for Cookie and Chip Pilgrims in Freebies here

Ballet Shoes for Cookie. A choice of figures or props.
These have textures to match Cookie Faerie, Frosty Faerie and Valentine Fairy (on this page).
The beautiful hair is from "Cookie and Chip X-mas" from Here

Cookie Ballet Shoes Figures

Cookie Ballet Shoes Props

Whisp for Goth Gown. Some airy textures for the lovely "Goth Gown" by Littlefox. Matching hair mats.

Whisp for Goth Gown

Two Valentine's Day texture sets for Cookie Faerie and the Ballet Shoes for Cookie (both on this page).

Valentine Faerie

Four texture sets for Cookie Faerie and the Ballet Shoes for Cookie (both on this page). Includes a new overdress for the ballgown. There are hair textures to match for the hair from "Cookie and Chip X-mas"(see below)

Frosty Faerie

Cookie Faerie
Megapack for Cookie. A leotard, ballgown, ballet skirts, tutu, wand, crown, wings and sleeves, to turn Cookie into a ballerina or Faerie. Six textures for all the clothes, crown and wings.
Happy Christmas!

Cookie Faerie

Prince for Chip Part Three
Prince Chip becomes a Toy Soldier. Shako and morphing epaulettes go with the pants from Part 1 and
jacket and boots from part 2. Three sets of matching textures for the cap from part 2.
Four shako textures to match the Part 2 textures.

Prince Chip Part 3

Prince for Chip Part Two
A more military Prince. Jacket, Cap and boots go with the pants from Part 1.
Four sets of textures.

Prince Chip Part 2

Prince for Chip part One
A Prince shirt and pants, with Crown prop.
Three sets of textures, including matching textures for the shoes from Cookie and Chip Pilgrims (below)

Prince Chip Part 1

American Pioneers for Cookie and Chip
Chip has conforming pants, braces and shirt, with cap and boots props.
Cookie's outfit uses the Pilgrim dress and apron with Cookie Witch shoes (see below).
She has a brand new bonnet and detachable ribbons.
There are four texture sets for each outfit.

American Pioneers

Pilgrim outfits for Cookie and Chip.
Pants, shirt, hat and shoes for Chip and dress UPDATED WITH NEW SKIRT MORPHS, apron and bonnet for Cookie.
The apron will fit for all the dress morphs (using the "Wide Skirt" apron morph if needed) but
will not fit over the "Full Front Skirt" morph for the dress.
There is a pitchfork and hand pose for Chip and stockings (which will only appear when rendered).
Cookie's outfit uses the Cookie Witch shoes and broom (on this page).

Cookie Pilgrims

An artist outfit for Cookie. Conforming smock.
Beret, easel, brush and palette props (the last three based on the Toon Baby Artist
props on this site) and three canvases. The pants are from Cookie and Chip Medics - on this page.

Cookie Artist

Someone requested a different hair for Cookie Clown (on this page) This is it.
A simple smartprop, with colours to match the clown outfit.
Also has the hat refitted to the new hair.

Cookie Clown Hair

A morphing dress for Cookie,
to change her from Cinderella to Princess with the turn of a dial!
Also has overdress, panniers, large and small bows for dress and panniers and a tiara and earrings.
Now has front and back hair with new colours.
Lots of textures for all and matching textures for the updated shoes from Cookie Witch next on this page
(the broom is there, too).

Cookie Princess

New and beautiful mats for Cookie Princess, made specially by France.
Four sets of textures for Poser or DAZ Studio. This uses Cookie Leggings
and Cookie Ballet Shoes from this page and includes a fit to use them together.

France's MATs for Cookie Princess

Four sets of Christmas textures for Cookie Princess.
Now for the updated Cookie Princess and also has DS mats.

Christmas Princess

Shoes are now figures. New panties. Dress has new movement morphs.
Cookie Dough morphs have been added and DAZ Studio mats. New colour mats set included.
Witch dress and shoes for Cookie, with hat, cauldron, spoon, bubble and broom props.
Four sets of textures.

Cookie Witch

A kilt-style skirt and blouse for Cookie, with brooches for neck and skirt.
Lots of colours. Matching colours for the shoes from Petunia for Cookie by Porthos from Renderosity

Cookie Kilt

At last Chip arrives on this page! A medic outfit for Cookie and Chip.
A versatile outfit - Cookie's top could be a dress, Chip's outfit pyjamas etc.
Lots of colours for them (not all shown here), a medic bag and reflectors for both of them.

Cookie Chip Medics

Leather for Karth's Cookie Highzzz - great shoes!


More colours for Karth's Cookie Highzzz.


Winter Coat and Summer Coat (or button-through dress).
Conforming figures with lots of textures.
Also, a hat and matching cuffs and colours for Karth's Cookie Bootzzz - great boots!
Render with displacement for a fur effect.

Cookie Coats

Cutoff pants and strappy top outfit. Conforming figures. With lots of textures
and colours for Cookie's flip-flops to match.


Some textures for the Lounge Singer Dress for Cookie from EvilInnocence.
Includes flower earrings and a flower for the hip of dress.
Has gloves to match the dresses.


Three ragdolls for Cookie, with light, medium and dark complexions.
Also, three textures for the Sunflower Dress from Sione
and textures for the Angela hair from Lupa Dagidos.
You will need to hide Cookie's eyelashes to get this effect.


Cookie Clown for Adventure for Cookie (the tunic),
Grown Up 2 (the shoes), Toon Fro and Shyama (the pants).
There are five sets of textures and frill, pompom and hat props.

Cookie Clown

Fairy Tales for Adventure for Cookie.
Four sets of textures and a hat with a feather. Keihan's wonderful Bow and Arrow
(from Renderosity freebies) is used in the promo, but not included!

Fairy Tales

Jester for Adventure for Cookie.
A Jester and Harlequin with hat and stick props.
PLEASE NOTE that the harlequin mask will not appear until rendered.
You will need to have Cookie Elf (see below) installed for the boot bells.

Cookie Jester

Spacegirl for Adventure for Cookie.
A spacehelmet and pack and four sets of textures.


Cookie Elf. Textures for Adventure for Cookie.
Includes an elf cap, bell, bobble, cap fur and boot bells props.
Also has Christmas textures for the accessories, which can be used with any of the colour sets.
(I like to be ready early for Christmas.)

Cookie Elf

Textures for Cookie Clothes. Includes a cardigan from the free pullover and a straight skirt from the dress.
Lots of colours! No mats for the jeans, as there are many different colours in the original files.

Cookie Crumbles

Sandal figures for Cookie. Cookie Dough morphs and DAZ Studio mats.
Lots of leather or patent leather colours!

Cookie Sandals Figures

Summer colours for the Floral Sundress for Cookie.
These textures can be used with other versions of this dress - V4, A3 etc.


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