Skiing outfit for Lil Bit. Jacket, boots, scarf, flap hat, flap hat tied and bobble, mask,
skis and ski poles. Four sets of mat poses.

Lil Bit Skis Download

Vampire for Lil Bit,with cloak, pants, shirt, waistcoat, boots, stock, medallion,
fangs and hair. Also has a face morph and mat for Lil Bit.
Lots of mat poses for clothes.
Lil Vampire

A coat for Lil Bit with shoes, boots, beanie, scarf, Sou'Wester,
closed and open umbrellas for either hand. Lots of mats for these, the mitts from Lil Suit and the Lil Pants
Lil Coat

A dress for Lil Bit with shoes, a belt with separate heart buckle
heart belt and necklace. Three sets of mat poses.
Lil Valentine Dress

Page boy jacket, shirt (only for use with the jacket), tie
shoes with socks, carnation, cushion and parented rings.
Four sets of mat poses for these and the Lil Pants to match.
Lil Bit Page Boy

Pants with leg morphs for Lil Bit. Lots of colours.
Lil Bit Pants

Tights for Lil Bit. Lots of colours.
Lil Bit Tights

New Year outfit for Lil Bit. Nappy (diaper), top hat and banner.
Lil Bit New Year

Hooded suit for Lil Bit. Includes cat, mouse, reindeer, devil,
rabbit and cow props and characters. Fur for suit and hood, too.
The hood doesn't work in DS, so there is a "hide hood" pose and a prop hood with mat poses,.
Lil Bit Suit

The fairy outfit for Lil Bit. Skirt, top, panties, cap, wings, shoes, hair and flowers for hair and feet.
Five sets of textures, which mix and match.
Lil Bit Fairy

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