Gumdrop Fairytale Princesses.
Includes 2 skirts 2 panniers 2 crowns 1 sceptre and 1 tiara (refit of the Gumdrops Wedding tiara on this page)
3 tops 1 sash 3 collars 1 petticoat 1 neck ribbon 1 shoulders 1 sleeves 1 bodice
3 hairstyles with morphs and mats
Mats for the high heels from Gum Shoes on this page.
Mats for the Gumdrop cape on this page.
Mats for the tiara from "Gumdrops in Clover" on this page.
Gumdrop fit for Grace hair from Cookie's Goth Gown (needs RTEncoder and Grace Hair for Cookie).
Glass coffin with roses and pillow props.
Mats for the four poster from "Miser and Ghost" on this page and roses for the top.
There are lots of materials for each.

Gumdrop Princesses 1 Download

Gumdrop Princesses 2

Gumdrop Princesses 3

Gumdrop Cowboy.
Pants, shirt, scarf, string tie, two hats, gun, holster, two belts, boots, chaps, waistcoat, hair, suspenders and sheriff badge
Four sets of mats and extra for the shirt and scarf. Also has skin mats for Gumdrop.

Gumdrop Cowboy

Gumdrop Ancient Egypt. Female outfit dress, belt, shawl, winged headdress, sandals,
earrings, hair, hair beads, headband, helmet, collar, bracelets and armbands.
Male outfit has skirt, snake headdress, two crowns, belt, collar, sandals (same as female).
two heads of Horus and Anubis, ankh, crook, flail, earrings, was and fan.
A boat with two textures is included, with a throne and foostool(also fit boat)and a funerary shelf
for the boat. Finally, a sarcophagus for Gumdrops, with a head morph for DS made by Mininessie, to whom
I send hugs and kisses!

Gumdrop Ancient Egyptian in Four Parts (YOU WILL NEED THEM ALL!)
Part One

Part TwoDownload

Part ThreeDownload
Part FourDownload

Gumdrop Ancient Greece. Female outfit has chiton, belt, overdress, hat, hair, spear, shield,
sandals and earrings.
Male outfit has tunic, cloak, belt, winged helmet, cadduceus, sandals and sandal wings.
Mat poses for both. The male hair is from "Gumdrop Cupid" below.

Gumdrop Ancient Greek Female Download
Gumdrop Ancient Greek Male Download

Gumdrop Victorian. A passenger on the Gumdrop railway, perhaps.
Dress, hat, riding hat, parasol open, parasol closed, collar, bustle, bag, earrings and apron.
The bustle and apron are not made to be used together.
There are also mats for the frilly boots from "Frilly Coat",to match (see below).

Gumdrop Victorian

Gumdrop Railway. Conductor and driver outfits. Jacket, cap, whistle, flag
and ticket punch for the conductor. Use the butler pants and shoes (see below).
Shirt, cap, shovel, hob-nailed boots and scarf for the driver. Use the overalls below.

Gumdrop Railway

Gumdrop Overalls.
Overalls and a TShirt for Gumdrops with lots of mat poses.

Gumdrop Overalls

Gumdrop Driving Coat.
Coat, cap, hat with two veils, goggles for cap or driving, glove cuffs
and second-skin glove mats for Gumdrop Remapped. Three sets of textures

Gumdrop 20s Coat

Gumdrop 20s Coat.
Coat, pork pie hat and violin case (non opening). Three sets of textures
and long or short fur options.

Gumdrop 20s Coat

Gumdrop Frilly Coat.
Coat, cape, hat, muff and boots. Four sets of textures.

Gumdrop Frilly Coat

Gumdrop Renaissance.
Part One - Dress, separate bodice, overdress, shoes, hair, hat, headbeads, neckband, headband and headdress.
Four sets of textures for all and lots for the hair.
Gumdrop Renaissance Part One

Part Two - Shirt, pants, boots, hair, three hats with brooch, jacket and lute.
Four sets of textures for all and the mat poses from Part One work with the hair.
Gumdrop Renaissance Part Two

Gum Gewels.
Heart, diamond and star necklaces with 3 different matching styles of earrings for each. Chain belt
necklace, bracelet and earrings. Charm bracelet.
Gumdrop Gewels

Gumdrop Genie.
Genie tail, lamp, turban, fan and skin and eye mats for Gumdrop Candy.
Poses are included. Four sets of mat poses for all.

Gumdrop Genie

Gumdrops in History. The 20s.
Part One - Flapper dress, shoes, necklace, cloche hat, headband and two hairstyles for Gumdrop Candy.
Part Two - 20s jacket, bow tie, hair and shirt studs.
The other men's clothes are all from Butler from Gumdrops Professions (see below). Mats for all.

Gumdrops 20s Part One

Gumdrops 20s Part Two

Gumdrop Gingerbread. A collaboration with RCT-Spanky.
Gingerbread texture for Gumdrop Candy, buttons and eyebrows (eyebrows are Poser only).


Gumdrop Werewolf. Gumdrop with 2 werewolf head morphs, texture, morphing ears
and 2 noses. Choose nose 1 or 2 to go with the morphs.
You will need
RTEncoder version 1 or 2
then choose one of the files below to match!

Gum Werewolf for RTEncoder One Download

Gum Werewolf for RTEncoder Two

For Gumdrop Werewolf - Four scary poses.
Gum Werewolf Poses

Gumdrop Nails. Another request - nails for Gumdrop. They have a morph
to lengthen them and an assortment of colours.

Gum Nails

Gumdrop Pirate Addons. A request for Pirate bits and pieces resulted in right and left hooks for
hands and right and left peglegs. Also, right and left boots (for obvious reasons) and hair, beard
and moustache. Four colours for each bit of hair and two for the other things. Arrrrrh!!
All the other stuff apart from Dennis's sword is on this page.
Pirate Addons 2 has a telescope a flag and a shovel.
Pirate Addons 3 is a Flintlock Pistol.

Gumdrop Pirate Addons

Gumdrop Pirate Addons 2

Gumdrop Pirate Addons 3

Gumdrop Apron. This is an addon for the Party Princess outfit (further down the page).
Lots of textures, with new ones for the Princess and Party dresses, the sash and the shoes.
There are poses to add colours to the petticoats and a new lace pattern.
Will all unzip to the Party Princess folder.

Gumdrop Apron

Gumdrop Cavemen. Suit, dress, shoes, club, hair "bowns" and three sets of textures.
Skin mats for Gumdrop included. There is also a cave with rocks and ground base.
The suit reminded me of a Victorian strong man, so I made a Strongman second skin
and dumbbell.

Gumdrop Cavemen

Gumdrop cloak. Will take any textures for Cookie and Chip's cloaks.
Lots of mat poses including new mardi gras texture and a fur edge.
Many morphs including one to make the trim bigger (see Santa)

Gumdrop Cloak

Gumdrop cape. Will take any textures for Chip's cape or Malik's cape.
Seven mat poses including wedding and fireman textures.
Cape two has no collar and two Christmas textures.
All the textures can be used with either Cape.

Gumdrop Cape

Gumdrop Cape 2

Hero Mask

A set for St.Patrick's Day.
You will need the Butler and 18th.Century male outfits and Party Princess (all on this page)
and Gumdrops remapped by France from
KCTC Freebies to use the stockings.
There are mat poses for all of the clothes and the ribbons for Jill Hair by Lady Littlefox.
Includes a hat and tiara.

Gumdrops In Clover Download

Gumdrop Pierrot and Pierrette. Tunic, pants, hat, skullcap, collar, shoes and
two makeups for Harlequin. Leotard, skirt, ballet shoes, collar, hat and hair for Pierrette.
Three sets of mat poses and DS mats. The hair will take mat poses from
"Gumdrop Hair Mats" at
KCTC Freebies

Gumdrop Pierrot and Pierrette Download

Gumdrop Harlequin and Columbina. Bodysuit, hat, mask and stick-mask for Harlequin.
Leotard, skirts, ballet shoes, collar and cuff ruffs and tiara for Columbina.
Five sets of mat poses with extra for the masks and hat.

Gumdrop Harlequin

Gumdrop Columbina

Gumdrop Cupid. Drapes, pants, conforming wings, hair, bow and arrow.
Safety pin for the towelling version of the pants. Several sets of mat poses.
Gumdrop Cupid

Gumdrops needed a robe to go with their pyjamas to go with their slippers, so here it is!
The robe has eleven mat poses and new mats for the pyjamas to match.
Also has a new fur trim colour for the Slipons (further down the page).

Gumdrops Nightwear - Robe

Gumdrops Nightwear - Pyjamas

Gumdrop will go to the ball! A Party Dress and Princess Dress.
Dress, hair stars, wand, sash, earrings and Princess Hair. Four sets of textures.
Includes Party Shoes to use with Gumdrop's Leggings.

Party Princess

Gum in Space addon for Gumdrop Bodysuit
Helmet, pack, boots, belt and mats for these and the bodysuit.
For the gloves you will need France's remapped Gumdrop
KCTC Freebies

Gumdrop in Space Download

Gumdrop Bodysuit
Bodysuit with material zones and "pyjamas" morph and Sockies.
Nine mats for each and white texture to colour.

Gumdrop Bodysuit

Gumdrop Leggings
Leggings with material zones. Poses to make short socks, knee-highs, stockings, shorts etc.
"Elf Toes" Morph. Four white textures to colour and four patterned.

Gumdrop Leggings

Gumdrop Shoes.
New shoes added February 2013.
Sandals, Shoes with Straps, Gum Shoes, Slipons/Slippers and now Heels.

Original Gumdrop Shoes

Strapped Shoes



The beautiful Display Case and textures to match all the "Abroad" clothes are from
KCTC Freebies
In the Gumdrops section.

Gumdrop Africa. Male and Female outfits and skins.
Loincloth, cloak, headband, necklaces, arm and leg bands, spear and shield for Male outfit.
Dress, hipcloth, bracelets, hat, earrings and shawl for Female outfit.
Four sets of textures for all.
Gumdrop Africa

Gumdrop Scotland. Female outfit.
Skirt, blouse, basque, sash with brooch, "ghillie" shoes and cap with pin.
There are four sets of mat poses and plain colours for the basque.

Gumdrop Scotland. Male outfit.
Shirt, jacket, kilt, belt, sporran, kilt pin, bow tie, "Ghillie" shoes
cap and brooch are the same as the female outfit) and socks. Four sets of mat poses.

Gumdrop Scotland. Piper outfit.
The kilt, kilt pin and shoes are from the male outfit.
There are spats, jacket, belt, strap, sash, hat, fur hat and bagpipes.
Four sets of mat poses.

Gumdrop Scotland Female

Gumdrop Scotland Male Download

Gumdrop Scotland Piper Download

Gumdrop Black Forest "German" Female outfit.
Dress, apron, buckled shoes, hat, cap, hair and four sets of textures.
Pose to give stockings to Remapped Gumdrop from KCTC Freebies

Gumdrop Black Forest "German" Male outfit.
Pants, Coat, Hat, Shoes and Hair.
Includes the stockings pose for Remapped Gumdrop.

The traditional cuckoo clock is on the Props page.

Gumdrop Germany One - Female Download

Gumdrop Germany Two - Male

Gumdrop "Arabia" fantasy outfit.
Female outfit - Pants, top, slippers, hair, cap, veil, bracelet and skin and eye mats for Gumdrop Candy.
Four sets of mat poses for all.
Male outfit - Pants, jacket, slippers,turban, armbands, fez (with many thanks to RCT-Spanky)
and skin and eye mats for Gumdrop Candy.
Four sets of mat poses for all.

Gumdrop Arabia One - Female

Gumdrop Arabia Two - Male

Gumdrop "Japanese" Female outfit.
Kimono, obi (sash), obijimé (sash tie), tabi (divided socks), geta (wooden block sandals)
and geta to fit over tabi. Hair and a morph with skin mats for Gumdrops are included.
There are also lots of hair decorations and a fan.
Three sets of textures and DS mats.

Gumdrop Japan One

Gumdrop "Japanese" Male outfit.
Kimono, montsuki(stiff jacket), himo (jacket fastener), tabi (divided socks), zori ( sandals)
and zori to fit over tabi. Folding fans. Hair and a morph for Gumdrops are included.
Three sets of textures and DS mats.

Gumdrop Japan Two

Gumdrop "Dutch" Female outfit.
Skirt, blouse, top, waistcoat, cap, clogs and apron.
Three sets of textures and DS mats.

Gumdrop Holland One

Gumdrop "Dutch" Male outfit.
Two shirts, pants, jacket with built-in shirt, two hats, scarf, clogs and tulips.
The clogs are the same as and will overwrite the female ones.
Three sets of textures and DS mats. Use shirt 2 mats for the jacket.

Gumdrop Holland Two

Gumdrop "Spanish" Female outfit.
Dress, mantilla, castanets, hair, shoes, hair comb and roses.
Four sets of textures and DS mats.

Gumdrop Spanish One

Gumdrop Long Gloves Addon.
Gloves for Gumdrop Remapped by France from
KCTC Freebies
Textures to match the Spanish dresses and more.

Gumdrop Gloves Download

Gumdrop "Spanish" Male outfit.
Shirt, pants, jacket, hat, sash, shoes and rose.
The shoes are the same as and will overwrite the female ones.
Four sets of textures and DS mats.

Gumdrop Spanish Two

Gumdrop "Russian" Female outfit.
Blouse, dress, waistcoat, boots, shoes, hat and hat bow.
Three sets of textures. To apply the side bead textures, look at "props" on the hat and apply there.
The shoes are remade from the "scrubs" shoes, and are now one figure.
All past textures made for the scrub shoes will apply to them.

Gumdrop Russian One

Gumdrop "Russian" Male outfit.
Pants, boots, shirt, shirt tab (placket), waistcoat and hat.
Three sets of textures.
For the furry hat effect, DAZ users will have to adjust the number of tiles
in DS according to the size of their render for the best result.

Gumdrop Russian Two

Gumdrop Mechanic
Overalls, hard hat, baseball cap, baseball cap backwards and wrench.
Overall has "open neck" morph. Textures and DS mats for all.
For the Ambulance, see below. I used the Gumdrop Police boots for the pic.

Gumdrop Mechanic

Gumdrops Courtroom
Two ready-made courtroom scenes and all the props to make them.
Judge's cape, gavel, gavel block, sash, stock and two judge textures
for the Academic gown and Nativity robe from this page.
The wigs are here, too.

Gumdrops Courtroom

Gumdrops 18th Century Dress

Part One - 18th Century female outfit for Gumdrops. Dress with overskirt, peplum, fichu, wig
hat, feathers, hair and bodice ornaments, necklace, neck ribbon, earrings, bows and bracelet.
Four sets of textures and DS mats. Hand pose for the fan.
The hair and bodice ornaments are not meant to be worn with the hat or fichu - they are
more for evening wear.

Part Two - 18th Century male outfit for Gumdrops. Coat, pants, shirt, waistcoat (which is a false front),
cravat and pin, tricorn, cane, boots, shoes (which match the female outfits, too) and a full wig.
Additional mats for the Academic wig (below) are included and will unzip to that folder.
Four sets of textures and DS mats. Skin textures for Gumdrop are included in both of these outfits.

Gumdrops 18th.Century Part One

Gumdrops 18th.Century Part Two

Gumdrops Weather House
A weather house for Jack and Jill Gumdrops. Two sets of textures and brolly
for Jack, flower basket for Jill. Instructions are in the readme.
Jack and Jill are wearing the "Tyrolean" textures from further down this page.

Gumdrops Weather House

Gumdrops Wedding
Two wedding dresses - one with train morph. Overskirt, oversleeves,
tiara, bouquet, rose wreath, under veil and three top veils with morphs.
Lots of textures for all. Includes DAZ materials.

Gumdrops Wedding part 1

Gumdrops Wedding part 2

Part One - Meteorologist.
Labcoat and pens. Hand pose. Anemometer, compass, thermometer,
rain gauge, "weather wall", clipboard and stickers.


Part One - a modern camera.

Photographer Part 1

Academic robe, hood with morphs, blouse, skirt, mortarboard with morphs,
briefcase, easel, blackboard and chalk.
The shoes are from Health Worker and the pants, shirt and tie from Butler (see below).
Four sets of textures and DS mats.
Addon scroll

Jacket, pants, shirt, tie, top hat, carnation and butler's tray.
Two sets of textures for basic outfit. Ties, hatbands and waistcoats have four.
Includes DAZ materials.

Butler UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012 Download

Skiing jacket, pants, boots, skis, poles, hat and goggles. Two sets of textures. Includes DAZ materials.
Needs Gumdrop with hands, by France, from "Winter Suits for Gumdrop Santa" from
KCTC Freebies
Gumdrop Ski Instructor UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012

Shirt, pants, boots, cap, badge, truncheon and sunglasses.
Two textures - police and off-duty.Includes DAZ materials.
The golf club is from
Golf Player by Teknology3d and is not included.
Gumdrop Police UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012

has made a terrific police car (with expressions!) for Gumdrop.
Ockham's Police Car

Scrubs top, pants and shoes. There is also a medic bag (resized from Cookie Medic),
stethoscope and reflector. Includes DAZ materials.
Gumdrop Health Worker UPDATED AUGUST 19TH. 2011 Download

Jacket, Helmet, Axe, Storage Box, Oxygen Tank with Straps,Torch,
Boots and Pants with a morph to tuck them into the boots.
Includes DAZ materials.
Gumdrop Fireman UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012

has made a wonderful ambulance with clinic and a firetruck for Gumdrop.
The ambulance is here

The firetruck is here

Santa and Mrs.Claus for Gumdrops.
Clothes with textures and textures for Gumdrops.
Mrs. Claus has matching textures for Health Worker shoes (see below)

Gumdrop Santa UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012
Mrs.Claus UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012

Shepherds and Angel.
Gumdrops Nativity Part One

Wise men.
Gumdrops Nativity Part Two

Stable and manger.
Gumdrops Nativity Part Three

Mary Joseph and Baby.
Gumdrops Nativity Part Four

A Mummy for Gumdrop. Bandages, flyaway bandages and four different colours
for them and Gumdrop. Now works in DAZ Studio.

Gumdrops Mummy UPDATED MARCH 15TH.2012

A Ghost, two Witches with cauldron, fire and wooden spoon and a child dressed
as a Pumpkin, all ready for Halloween.
Needs Dorkati's Choir Outfit, Art Collaborations' Littlest Witch,
Mada's Star Hat and Jack and Jill by Lady Littlefox.

Gumdrops Halloween

A Demon Chef for Halloween.
"Look out - he has a whisk!"
Textures for Cordon Bleu by Lady Littlefox.

Sweetie Todd

New Shoes and Sandals for Cupcake. Many colours.

Cupcake Shoes and Sandals - Figures

Lots of Icecream colours for Jingles.


Three St Patrick's Day textures for Jingles Gumdrop, with hat, hair and skin textures, a Pot of Gold,
Shamrock and Gold Coin props.
(Use displacement for the full effect.)


Four herald textures for Jingles Gumdrop, hair textures, a trumpet prop with matching textures and a herald pose.
(Can be rendered with or without displacement, but it does give a nice effect.)


Tyrolean - Four sets of textures for Jack and Jill Gumdrops. There are also hair, hair ribbon and eye textures.
The bucket is by Transpond at RDNA and is not included.


Five texture sets for Loreli Gumdrop.


"Valentine" textures for Gumdrops - one with green, one with violet eyes.
"Hearts and Flowers" for Creme Brulee - two textures.


Eight texture sets for Argus the Pirate for Gumdrops - four "Captain" textures and four "Mate" textures. Props not included!



Four elves for Gumdrop. The elf is just a spun dial character but has four seasonal textures, with matching textures for the Leaf Dress and Sandals by Sione and for the Cordon Bleu hair by Littlefox.


Proud Member of KCTC Freebies