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This space has been generously donated by KCTC members so my stuff can be used by anyone who wants it.
It is mostly for toon characters, but there are plenty of other things, too.
There are no restrictions on the use of these textures or props, but please do not redistribute them.
I will accept requests if I have the model - suggestions are always welcome.
Hope you have as much fun using these as I have had making them!


Tracksuit for Sadie.
Morphs in hood and pants (to fit Sadie Sneakers from KCTC Freebies). Lots of colours,
some to match sneakers.

Sadie Tracksuit. Download

Textures for "Rainy Day" for Sadie by 3D Universe and "Sadie Fae-Fantasy" by SilverElf.
Three sets of raincoat textures and three sets of warm cloth textures .

Sunny Spells

Wrap Up Warm

A smart waistcoat and bow tie addons for Sam.
Four sets of textures for these and the jeans and shirt from Everyday Sam (on this page).
The clothes have Capses's Mae morphs.

Smart Sam.

Swimming outfits for Sam and Sadie.
Bikini, trunks, shorts, flippers, mask, snorkel,swim cap,
Swim ring, waist towel and neck towel.
Three sets of textures (four for the bikini) and DS mats.
The clothes have Capses's Mae morphs.

Sadie and Sam Swim.

Ski outfits for Sam and Sadie.
Jackets, skis, hat, goggles, ski poles and boots.
Two sets of textures and DS mats.
The clothes have Capses's Mae morphs.

Sadie and Sam Ski.

Jeans, shirt, short-sleeved shirt and two ties for Sam.
Several sets of textures and DS mats.
Also has a set of clothes for Sam with Capses's Mae morphs.
The shoes used in the pic are the
Sensible Shoes for Sadie and Sam by Headkase.

Sam Everyday Download

Fruit-flavoured textures for Good Cook Girl for Sadie by elleque at


Lots of mix and match colours for Easy Wear for Sam by elleque at
The baseball cap is included. There are mats for Sam's sneakers and lots of matching sleeves
(didn't have room to show them).
The baseball bat is another great freebie from

Mix 'n Match

Even more colours for Modern Girl 2 for Sadie by elleque at
http://elleque.net. Includes boot colours.
Modern Girl 2 Dress

Lots of colours for the fabulous Modern Girl for Sadie by elleque
Modern Girl 1 The Dress

Modern Girl 3 Boots and Gloves

Modern Girl 4 Cap and Bag Download

Improvise is for Jazz for Sadie and includes 7 sets of textures for the outfit - 4 bright and 3 more delicate. It also includes 12 toony hair textures.

Part 1 - Hair Textures.

Part 2 - Bright green dress and delicate orange dress.

Part 3 - Bright pink dress and bright purple dress.

Part 4 - Delicate rose dress and delicate sunny dress. Download
Part 5 - Bright yellow dress. Download

Sunny - four sets of textures for the RaRa outfit for Sadie from Poser World

China - two texture sets for Fantasy for Sadie. Includes the hat prop and textures.


Daydream - five texture sets for Little Dream for Sadie

Part 1 - Emerald and Ruby

Part 2 - Sapphire and Topaz

Part 3 - Diamond

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